Our Services

The goal of Dev Internships is to be the best resource for Computer Science and Information Technology students to start their careers. In addition to the online resources that we provide, we also offer in-person career coaching to student groups at Universities. Unfortunately, this isn't a 1-on-1 service. However, it's incredibly valuable to the students who receive this coaching.

Students who have at least one internship on their resume earn on average 6% more after graduation than students without internship experience. It also makes it much easier to get their first job after graduation and takes less time to get a full-time offer. Group career coaching helps to make this a reality for students.

Career Coaching At Universities

Career coaching for tech students is incredibly important. Especially considering how quickly the tech sector is changing and evolving. There is a lot of demand for technology majors and the demand is always growing. However, for a lot of students and graduates, it is becoming harder to break into the industry. This is where career coaching comes into play.

Your University is likely teaching you most if not all of the technical skills needed to get your start in tech. However, there are a lot of things besides the tech that is left out of the equation. It will help your career immensely to have at least one internship completed before you graduate. But the question is, how do you go about getting a competitive internship?

The first thing we discuss in career coaching is the importance of internships followed by how to get an internship in Computer Science or Information Technology. Some of the things I advise students to do are the following:

  • Work on projects outside of the school curriculum to showcase your expertise and enthusiasm.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile and get recruiters to reach out to you.
  • Create a winning resume that stands out from the competition when applying.
  • Write a cover letter that outlines your unique value proposition.
  • How to pick a specialization within your career that will set you apart.
  • and more...
  • The good news is, this group career coaching is completely free! It won't cost a dime for the students or the University. However, there are some requirements that must be met. Contact us today to learn more about career coaching and schedule a coaching session!

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