How To Prepare For Computer Science Internships

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Computer Science internships are an excellent way to gain experience in the field of technology and explore potential job paths. They can provide students with valuable insight into what a career in this rapidly changing industry may look like.

With so many opportunities for computer science students, it is important to stay prepared and organized when applying for these internships. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to best prepare for a Computer Science Internship.

Preparing For A Computer Science Internship

To prepare for a Computer Science internship, you’ll need to do a few things. First, you’ll need a solid foundation of C.S. skills. Next, you’ll need to research to find out which internships to apply for and craft a resume. Additionally, it will help immensely to prepare for the interview process.

Computer Science internships are incredibly competitive. Therefore, it’s ideal to follow all of the following steps when preparing to apply in order to stand out from the crowd and land an internship that you’ll love.

1. Research the Industry & Get Educated

The first step to follow in preparing for a Computer Science internship is to research the industry itself. Understand what types of internships are available, as well as which companies offer these positions.

This is also a good opportunity to take note of any specific requirements they might have for applicants (i.e., prior knowledge or skills). Once you’ve listed the essential skills for the positions you’re after, you can spend some time enhancing those skills.

Also, be sure to take advantage of any educational resources such as online courses or tutorials that could help boost your chances of securing an internship position. I’m personally a fan of Udemy courses, so if for example, you’re applying for a front-end or full-stack developer internship, check out this course.

The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp

2. Start Crafting Your Resume

Once you’ve done some research and feel confident in your knowledge base regarding Computer Science topics related to the internships you are interested in pursuing, then it’s time to start crafting your resume! 

Focus on making sure everything looks professional and that your resume highlights all relevant skills and experiences that make you stand out from other applicants. Use keywords related specifically to the internship description if possible; avoid buzzwords or generic phrases where applicable. 

Include technical details about projects you worked on that showcase both creative problem-solving and coding prowess. This is also a great opportunity to detail any awards/recognitions you may have received such as scholarships or honors classes taken during school which further demonstrate strong academic standing in the CS world.

3. Reach Out To Connections & Networking Opportunities

Networking should not be underestimated when preparing for a Computer Science internship. Connect with people who work at companies offering those positions through platforms like LinkedIn by sending them messages directly introducing yourself while briefly describing why their company interests you.

Don't forget to follow up after initial contact too! You can also join groups related to tech careers/internship postings within social media networks plus attend events hosted by employers looking for interns.

These present good ways to build relationships with industry contacts who could potentially recommend you for internships within the companies they work for. Additionally, reach out to college alumni offices to see if there are any opportunities to connect you with mentorships or apprenticeships via any previous grads currently working field already.

4. Start Applying!

Now that you’ve fully prepared by doing research on which type of internship you want, enhancing your skills, making a resume, and networking, it’s time to start applying! In addition to a resume, I highly recommend you write a cover letter when submitting each application.

5. Follow Up

After applying and interviewing for each internship, you should send a follow-up email thanking the company and hiring team for their time and consideration. This shows that you’re respectful and considerate, and it also keeps you top of mind for the hiring team.

When To Apply For Computer Science Internships

Computer science internships are typically offered in the summer, although there are some opportunities available during the academic year as well. In general, it is a good idea to start applying for internships about 6-12 months before you want to begin the internship. 

This means that if you are looking for a summer internship, you should start applying in the fall of the previous year. If you are looking for an academic year internship, you can start applying in the spring of the same year.

It is important to start the application process early because many internships are competitive and are filled on a rolling basis. This means that companies review applications and extend offers as soon as they find a suitable candidate, rather than waiting until a specific deadline to review all the applications. 

By starting the process early, you increase your chances of being considered for an internship and of being able to secure a spot before all the positions are filled.


With proper preparation, anyone can have success finding an internship in the Computer Science field! Doing research ahead of time will help you to understand the expectations sought after by employers. Carefully crafting a resume puts the best foot forward in presenting yourself to the potential hiring managers viewing applications.

Additionally, networking plays a large role in uncovering hidden job leads via word-of-mouth referrals that are often overlooked. This is due to the lack of formal posting channels used more commonly seen today. 

Taking all of these tips into account gives you an edge over the other students that are vying for the same internships. If you work hard to prepare and follow these tips, I’m confident that you’ll land the C.S. internship that you want! Good luck!