Get An Android Developer Internship In 4 Easy Steps

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Android development is a growing field of technology that is taking the world by storm. As such, internships in this discipline are becoming increasingly sought-after for students who want to gain valuable experience and knowledge in the area. 

In order to secure an Android developer internship, you need to have a strong understanding of the Android platform and be able to demonstrate your skills through various mediums. This blog post will provide tips on how to get an Android developer internship so you can start working towards achieving your professional goals.

How To Get An Android Developer Internship

  • Learn The Android Platform
  • Develop Your Soft Skills To Crush The Interview
  • Create A Portfolio Of Android Projects
  • Apply To Android Internships
  • These are the steps one should take in order to get an internship as an Android developer. If you work hard, learn these skills, and follow these steps, you’ll stand a great chance of landing an internship and starting your career.

    1. Learn The Android Platform

    The first step in securing an Android developer internship is having a thorough understanding of the platform itself. Having a comprehensive knowledge of Java as well as XML (Extensible Markup Language) along with other programming languages related to mobile applications should be at the top of your list when preparing for interview opportunities. 

    You should also keep up-to-date on all relevant news regarding changes or advancements in software development associated with Android platforms. This way you’re prepared if asked any questions pertaining to these concepts during interviews. 

    Additionally, having basic design principles under your belt would serve as beneficial training prior to applying for internships. These may include creating user interfaces, navigation flows within apps, and aspects like aesthetic appeal which could help set you apart from other applicants looking for similar positions.

    Most Universities offer a class in mobile app development. This is where I learned the basics of the Android platform. However, if your University doesn’t offer a such course, then I highly recommend this course on Udemy.

    The Complete Android 12 & Kotlin Development Masterclass

    2. Develop Your Soft Skills To Crush The Interview

    Although it goes without saying that technical prowess is essential when entering into this area of work, interpersonal skills are just as important when competing against several other candidates aiming for similar placements. 

    Being personable during interview processes is key. Preparing for such interviews let alone receiving invitations requires networking. This means connecting with peers already involved in similar projects or attending events related to Android development. 

    This allows employers more insight into who potential interns might be outside their coding abilities thus potentially giving yourself a competitive edge over others vying for positions too. 

    Moreover, joining online communities like Stack Overflow where mobile developers exchange ideas/experiences may prove beneficial too since many companies now use these forums when searching out talented individuals. Therefore, staying active here could present new opportunities down the line.

    3. Create A Portfolio Of Android Projects

    The third step is to develop a portfolio that showcases your previous works. This can give future employers clearer views into one’s capabilities while simultaneously displaying hard evidence demonstrating those capabilities across multiple facets. 

    Even if said projects were created solely out of passion rather than involving actual clients etc., they still hold value upon inspection by possible recruiters and interviewers alike. 

    Furthermore, creating a blog specifically devoted to topics concerning app development both generally speaking or relating directly back to certain areas e.g., Android, Augmented Reality (AR), etc. further adds weight to existing credentials.

    It’s also a chance to showcase personal levels of dedication on behalf of newcomers trying to break into the industry via internships - something always looked fondly upon hiring managers making final judgment calls between two similarly skilled candidates.

    4. Apply To Android Internships

    After you’ve learned about the Android platform, built a portfolio of Android projects, and prepared your soft skills for interviews, it’s time to start applying. At this point, you should be well qualified for all of the Android internships you apply to.

    My advice is to apply to as many Android internships as possible, but also to apply as early as possible. Most companies begin accepting applications in the fall of the previous year, so this is when you should start applying. However, many other companies open applications later and even closer to the summer, so keep applying all the way through the year!

    Are Android Developers In Demand?

    Yes, Android developers are in demand. Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world, and the demand for skilled android developers remains high. There are many job opportunities available for android developers, and the field is expected to continue growing in the coming years. 

    If you are interested in becoming an android developer, obtaining an Android developer internship is the best place to start.

    Are Android Developers Well Paid?

    Yes, Android developers are generally well-paid. The average salary for an android developer in the US is around $97,986 per year. However, the actual salary for an Android developer can vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as the developer's level of experience, the type of company they work for, and the location of the job.

    In general, Android developers with more experience and advanced skills tend to earn higher salaries. This means that the longer you’ve been an Android developer and the more skills you’ve obtained, the more money you will make.

    How Hard Is It To Get An Android Developer Internship?

    Obtaining an internship as an Android developer can be competitive, but it is easier if you have the right skills and approach. The competitiveness of the job market for Android developers can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the location and the specific job requirements. 

    In general, the demand for Android developers is high, as Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. However, there is also a large pool of qualified candidates vying for these positions, so it can be competitive.

    To increase your chances of getting an Android developer internship or job, it's important to have a strong portfolio of Android projects, as well as specialized skills or knowledge in a specific area of Android development. Networking and applying to as many internships and jobs as possible can also help increase your chances of finding the right opportunity.

    Overall, while it may be competitive to obtain an Android developer internship, it is not necessarily difficult if you have the right skills and approach. The key to getting an Android developer internship is to be proactive, continuously improve your skills, and keep applying. If you do these things, you will increase your chances of landing an internship in this field.


    Obtaining an android developer internship isn't easy but there are 4 steps that you can take in order to greatly increase your chances. Namely, gaining a detailed understanding of the core components needed to build successful applications alongside honing soft skills network effectively land job offers themselves. 

    You’ll have to apply to a lot of positions and be proactive, applying throughout the entire school year leading up to the summer. By following this advice, you will be well on your way to landing an Android internship and starting your career as an Android developer! I wish you all the best!